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"I receive so many subscriptions- I don't have time to put eyes on all of them. This is an excellent service.”

“Listening in my car uninterrupted, I was surprised how short the articles are versus trying to read them at my desk.”

"I have listened to more articles during the 2 months I have been an audio subscriber than all the articles I read of the print subscription over the last several years combined.”

“ModioInfo makes me more confident when dealing with clients and prospects because I am more aware of what’s going on.”

"Great product. I would definitely recommend it to others.”

“Great service. I wish it was available for other publications as well.”

ModioLegal is partnering with ABA's The Tax Lawyer to offer the same articles as the print edition in a timely audio format that you can access away from your desk on your smartphone.

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To play an article, simply click on the text of the article title and the interface will start to play.

Note that the header with player controls stays fixed at the top of the phone screen.

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