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About Us

Legal professionals are under tremendous pressure to stay informed in their area of expertise. To address this issue, they subscribe to a litany of current awareness publications designed to keep them informed. Despite the value of this information and the important role it plays in activities ranging from client service to business development, attorneys do not always get to read it as much as they would like because of all the other demands on their time, particularly at their desk.

Using its patent-pending system, ModioLegal partners with legal publishers to convert news and current awareness content to a same-day, word-for-word, article-specific, human-narrated audio format that subscribers can access through their smart phones. By placing content in a smart phone enabled audio format, attorneys no longer need to forgo desk time that they could otherwise bill in order to stay informed; rather they can access this information away from their desk during multi-tasking activities such as commuting, exercising or riding a bike. The end result is that attorneys using ModioLegal stabilize and enhance their access to the critical information they need for conducting their practice, while also increasing their billing capacity at their desk.

To suggest a partner publication, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you.