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ModioLegal partners with legal publishers to convert news and current awareness content to a same-day, word-for-word, article-specific, human-narrated audio format that subscribers can access through their smart phones.


What are people saying about ModioLegal?

“It is certainly easier to understand something that I have heard instead of something that I wanted to read but never got around to reading.”
-ModioLegal Subscriber

"To me, this is a no-brainer. I am precisely the type of user ModioLegal targets. I constantly use my smartphone to consume audio information when I am on the go... I would love to be able to add legal news and magazine articles to that mix."
-Robert Ambrogi, LawSites: Tracking New and Intriguing Websites and Products for the Legal Profession

“I have been a [monthly text] subscriber for many years- I have listened to more articles during the 2 months I have been an audio subscriber than all the articles I read of the print subscription over the last several years combined.”
-ModioLegal Subscriber

"The Modio Legal platform offers legal publishers an opportunity to take their daily newsletter content and enhance the user experience while extending the value and reach of their intellectual assets. Why not leverage the wild popularity and ubiquitous presence of the smartphones? This audiophile is ready and waiting!"
-Jean O’Grady, Dewey B Strategic

“ModioLegal makes me more confident when dealing with clients and prospects because I am more aware of what’s going on. The service sharpens my skills and makes me a more effective advocate.”
-ModioLegal Subscriber